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Estrella damm andalucia masters

The Estrella Damm Andalucia Masters at Valderrama – Best of Europe’s Golf

It is that time of year again when Europe´s best golfers descend on Sotogrande to play the Estrella Damm Andalucia Masters at Valderrama. This will be the 27th professional tournament played on this legendary course which has long been ranked as the best on the Continent of Europe. The greatest of these events was the […]


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Record breaking prices

We are very proud to be exclusively marketing two of the best houses ever built in Sotogrande. Villa Vela in El Mirador de La Reserva and The Hill in Sotogrande Costa are priced at €21m and €20m respectively. These are new record asking prices in Sotogrande but reflect the way the market has been moving, […]


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The best luxury boats for hire in Sotogrande

Sotogrande is known as the epitome of luxury living. Located on the coast of Spain, it also is a great place for those that love being close to the sea. This allows for its residents to live both a healthy and active lifestyle, whether that be by going to the beach or by taking up […]


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Real club de golf Sotogrande

Top golf courses in Sotogrande that you’ve got to play

When the visionary owners founded Sotogrande sixty years ago, almost their first move was to instruct the great American golf architect, Robert Trent Jones Snr, to design a golf course adjacent to Sotogrande’s Mediterranean coast. Soon Sotogrande became synonymous with great golf courses and championship golf at the highest level and here they all are. […]


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Location Sotogrande

Where is Sotogrande?

Where is Sotogrande? The resort of Sotogrande is privately owned and it’s located in San Roque, Cadiz. It’s the largest gated community in Europe. Sotogrande is famous for its luxury lifestyle. There are exclusive properties and unrivalled sports facilities for polo, tennis and world championship golf. First class restaurants, bars and boutiques provide the town […]


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2021 – it wasn´t all doom and gloom

From a business perspective perhaps the best and most positive news in Sotogrande in 2021 was the completion of the sale of all the fantastic ARK houses in El Mirador at La Reserva. When the project to create a small gated community with 24 hour security and build four houses in excess of €1800m2 on plots of over 5000m2 was unfolded by Sotogrande, S.A. in 2017, the usual doubters were out in force. These are the same negative thinkers who said The Beach at La Reserva Club had no chance of working and whose definition of progress is actually to regress to the ‘good old days ‘ of Sotogrande when socializing was something that happened in peoples’ houses. A classic example was when Trocadero started and there was an outcry from those who frequented the old Cucurucho Beach Club despite the fact that it had descended into an establishment where the food and service simply could not have been worse. Slowly but surely, and thankfully, our moaners are having to bite their tongues although the present target is the superb SO/Sotogrande where even a few teething problems make our negative friends say they long for the days of the old Almenara Hotel which was frankly dreadful in its latter years. I am convinced, however, that it won’t be long before they are total silent – well perhaps almost totally silent!


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